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Today is the bday of the finest seal in the world


I’m totally sorry if I’m late for the celebrations, dear. This crazy change in my time zone is making me struggle a little, but I think it’s normal.

But let’s not talk about me, but about you.

Mel, you are my wifey, my friend, my bright sun in the spiritual shape of a seal.
You are the person I feel connected the most, even by being so damn far away from me.
You are a present, a good present to have and to live in and I’m glad to be able to know you.
You are tender and fierce and cute and brave and a fighter and a dreamer. You are all, because you have strength and softness and boldness and happiness and cheerfulness and kickassery.
You are gorgeous. Awesome. You have the ability to make me smile and cry and smile again and sob and laugh, and I bet it is not just me. You can make a lot of people feel this way. Even more with your incredible good writing.
You are a “dream I’ve dreamed” and you have to courage to go “ask your questions and get some answers”.
You are amazing and sometimes I think you’ve already achieved greatness, you are just waiting to glow it up out your way to the top.
Happy Birthday, seal-of-mine, my Queen Writer.
May God bless you and may you have all that you want in that big heart of yours. May you be successful in everything you choose to do and happy. Really, really happy.

I’m sorry I’m so far away, dear. But, in my heart, I’m hugging you fiercely.

Have a nice birthday. I love you.

Awww owly that is the sweetest thing anyone’s ever written for me. I’m so blessed to know you; you’ve been such a light in my life. Thank you so much for this and the lovely message you sent me. I treasure you so much.

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bitchwhoyoukiddin asked: Real Boy!Figgy verse: Emma babysits. Conversely, Emma and Figgy do something hilarious and Belle laughs while Gold loses his shit.

((I don’t think Mr. Gold could ever “lose his shit” so long as Figgy’s human… Here’s some fluff, even if it only mostly fits the prompt and took me forever to finish))


"Rum and my cell phone’s will be turned on-"


"-there’s a list of emergency numbers on the fridge-"


"Do not feed him after midnight-"


The nervous Mrs. Gold finally paused in her rambling to see Emma staring blankly at her.

"I’ve watched tons of kids before," she reminded her gently, "Maybe not ones that used to be cats but, yanno, still not the strangest thing I’ve done this week."

"We appreciate it," Mr. Gold said, shrugging on his jacket, "He’s pretty adjusted given the circumstances, but he still has his quirks. If he wants to go outside, let him and don’t follow. Conversely don’t let him go into the bathroom alone."

Emma stared at him, “So you’re telling me he’s not-“

"We’re working on it," Mrs. Gold murmured, "It’s been a lot of trial and error…"

"I can imagine," Emma murmured.

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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say you're awesome and amazing and I just love your fanfic. Thanks for being so wonderful! - Secret Admirier

It’s like you people know when to bribe me.

Anyway thank you nonnie. Now that I am out of school you can expect me to be scrambling up on my writing horse again.

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I went to bed and woke up with three new followers.

Hi there. Don’t expect much for a couple of weeks because finals but after that I should be getting back to writing. Enjoy your stay.

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Me mentally today after finishing my last shift as a dishwasher. Tomorrow I start my new job doing prepress work, I’m so freaking excited.

Me mentally today after finishing my last shift as a dishwasher. Tomorrow I start my new job doing prepress work, I’m so freaking excited.

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i remember when pottermore sorted me into slytherin i was all like WTF I’M CLEARLY A RAVENCLAW and then i realized it was oh so obvious how could i have never realized i was a slytherin?

Pottermore just sorted me into Slytherin and I’m kind of pissed because every other Sorting personality test has placed me in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. I don’t get it.

Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw. Every test I have ever taken has put me in Ravenclaw. I feel like a big part of my sense of self comes from the fact that I’ve never questioned my Hogwarts house. If I ever took a test that put me in another house, I’d probably have an identity crisis.

Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw, which is my house of choice… but the test also had Slytherin as a close second. I’m good with that.

I figured I was a Slytherin, or maybe a Ravenclaw… Pottermore was high when they put me in Gryffindor and I still attest to that.

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Fic: The Odds Are Not In Our Favor



((In honor of “Catching Fire“‘s fast approaching premiere, a little Hunger Games AU for Rumfire. Because no matter how painful this idea was, I couldn’t not write it.))


Rumplestiltskin must have heard the screams all his life; from friends and parents and siblings. An instantaneous reaction to the reading of the tributes that would be shipped off to the Capitol for yet another year of the Hunger Games.

But the screams had never been his own… Not until now.

“Baelfire Gold.”

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when did ouat, (a story full of hope and happy ending) become the hunger games (a tragic dystopia)

…since I decided to write an AU mashing up the two stories?

Maybe I’m feeding a troll but why, if you’re “pissedoffatouat”, would you read fanfiction? Or did you just glance at it and decide to make a comment because I’m adding to the moral decay of OUAT fanfiction?

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sombersatellites asked: I apologize if this has been asked before, but I could use a bit of wisdom or advice right now: how do you deal with severe self doubt when it comes to your writing?


Oh, yeah. That doesn’t go away. Just give that feeling the finger and keep writing.

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Oi. Did a much needed update to my masterlist, in case anyone was wondering when I’d get around to that. Also made it a lot friendlier and most of the more common verses are sectioned off (the size of the Golden-verse section though…holy crap).

Maybe I’ll get around to updating my recommendations page tomorrow… Which yeah, I also got all of my bookmarks of fanfics to read rounded up at long last…

…they’re almost up to 800. I should work on getting that number down.